“Rachel is fantastic, very intuitive, and a great listener. I love both her yoga classes and Thai yoga massage. I leave these experiences with an open heart, an aware mind, and a relaxed body. Thank you! Namaste.” – Rachel U

“I’ve dabbled with yoga on and off for many years.  Rachel is hands-down the best & most skilled instructor I’ve ever had!  She comes to my workplace twice a week and I’ve gained so much flexibility & strength as a result. But those are only the physical gifts. The days I attend Rachel’s classes tend to become the best days of my work week. I leave my mat renewed with a fueled spirit and a peaceful soul. What a gift she brings!” – Carol

“Working with Rachel through a series of Thai Body Yoga sessions has been just a treat.  The sessions have helped me to stretch my body in ways I cannot do on my own, and it feels so good. Each session has been different, progressing into greater stretching and release. Rachel’s calm, low-key manner makes each session a relaxing time that I look forward to.” – Katherine L.

“My sincere thanks to you for the time I’ve spent on my yoga mat under your guidance. I’m a better person for it.”  – Michelle

“Thank you for being such an important part of my recovery from a head injury. I thought doing some yoga would be a great thing to help me heal, but I had no idea of the impact it would have on so many aspects of my well being. I would call it the silver lining of this whole process, but that would be doing it a disservice. It has been life changing and will stay with me long after I’ve fully recovered from my head injury. Over the past couple of months I’ve learned that there are many different types of yoga instructors, ranging from the purely physical, to the very spiritual, and all points in between. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I really appreciated your blend of both, as well as the genuine concern you showed for my health and well being.” – Mike

“Rachel is not only an accomplished yogini, she is also a truly caring person that becomes quickly apparent in her sessions. Her style is flexible, and she can effortlessly adjust the level of effort suitable to the student. This makes beginners stay committed, sophomores stay engaged and experts challenged.” – Anonymous

“Thank you Rachel for being the “fanatic” about yoga that you are. Your enthusiasm is contagious and has hooked me as well! Your classes are exhilarating and always fun. You challenge me to reach further with a gentleness and humor that never makes me feel self-conscious. I also appreciate how it feels as if we are all a part of an extended yoga family, it’s great to be a member! Thank you, thank you.” – Frank Barr