Float Your Boat – At Your Desk!

Navasana (Boat Pose) 


This is one of those poses that most people don’t look forward to doing, but it is jam-packed with benefits. It’s like the brussels sprouts of yoga. Personally, I love brussels sprouts and boat pose, but I know that they aren’t everyone’s favorites.

Here are some of the reasons to practice this pose:

  • Build heat in your abdomen, which will warm your whole body on a cool autumn day.
  • Strengthen your hip, thigh and abdominal muscles.
  • Develop focus and concentration
  • Improve balance and coordination
  • Improve digestion
  • Stimulate the kidney, thyroid and prostate glands.

So, take a short yoga-break in your work day and practice navasana!  Here’s what to do:

  • Start by sitting tall and a little bit forward in your chair.
  • Hold on to the sides of your chair for support.
  • Lean back slightly as you lift your feet off of the floor, possibly bringing your calves parallel to the floor.
  • If you are ready for more of a challenge, release your hands from the sides of the chair and extend your arms forward towards your feet.
  • Remember to keep your spine long and shoulders relaxed.
  • Hold for a 5 breaths.
  • Gently lower your feet back to the ground.

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