Another Desk Yoga Pose: Eagle


Eagle Pose at Your Desk

I’ve gotten so much positive feedback on the desk yoga poses I’ve decided to keep them coming.  In the last two newsletters, I shared  pigeon and seated half moon and spinal twist, and today I’ll teach you how to do eagle pose at your desk. Eagle is traditionally a balance pose, but since we’re seated, you can focus on the other benefits of the pose without worrying that you’re going to tip over. This pose is a great opener for the muscles of the upper back and shoulders – the areas that get tight from working on a computer for long periods of time.  

Here’s how you do it.  

  • Start in a comfortable seated position with your feet firmly grounded and spine long.
  • Cross your right leg over the left at the tights.
  • Cross your right elbow under the left and intertwine your arms. If you have limited mobility in your shoulders, you can cross elbows and hold the opposite shoulders with your hands.
  • Round your spine as you take your elbows to your knees or your desk top. Feel the space between your shoulder blades expand.
  • Take five deep breaths here.
  • Sit up on an inhale and change sides.

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